About Me

I started this blog two years into the journey of learning the violin at age 36. I’m a therapist, mother of two, and business owner. I’m a Buddhist practitioner in the New Kadampa Tradition, so much of what I try to do is integrate the Buddhist teachings into every day life. In our spare time we’re often traveling to Buddhist events with our children. If you have ever been to a meditation retreat, you’d know that it isn’t typical to show up with two kids and a violin. But it works out!

Me Bein’ All Artsy Fartsy

One day my husband referred to me as “Artsy Fartsy”, which was hilarious to me. How could you take yourself too seriously if you were Artsy Fartsy? And having two small children, there is no shortage of Fartsy in our house. I don’t actually play Fiddle style yet, but it’s certainly on my list. I’m currently focusing on classical/romantic period repertoire.

I also love to paint landscapes in acrylic, and (obviously) write. I just wanted a blog that was fun and gave me an opportunity to explore my creative side. Hopefully other adults who decide to begin learning an instrument, especially a stringed one, will find good company here. We are a tribe!